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Ladies, Are You Experiencing:

LaReesa Ferdinand, MD is an expert and speaker in the applied science of hormone optimization, epigenetics, and preconception health.

Balanced Living and Better Health

Estrogen. It’s a powerful hormone and driving force that affects so much of a woman’s health. An estrogen imbalance, meaning too much or too little of this hormone, can sometimes affect quality of life. Painful periods, depression, weight change, fatigue — all can drain a woman of her ability to maintain a lifestyle that’s busy, healthy, and happy.

Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand is dedicated to helping women navigate through the world of hormone imbalance and find their way back to energy and vitality with comprehensive, and easy-to-understand solutions.

She assists real women in making real choices, right now.

Vision Statement

To engage, educate, and empower women to achieve a new mindset of improved health and restoration.

Mission Statement

To help women redefine health and wellness as a connection of the mind and body, focusing on restored hormone optimization solutions that meet the needs of her everyday lifestyle

Hormone Optimization is Lifestyle Optimization

I help women improve hormone balance so they can live more productive, powerful, and performance-driven lives. If you are motivated and ready to get to the root of your hormone problems and restore your peace of mind and body. ITS TIME!  You are a REAL WOMAN MAKING REAL CHOICES RIGHT NOW. Join the movement with Dr. LaReesa.

Join the Movement

LaReesa Ferdinand, MD is dedicated to helping women achieve harmony, better health, and vitality.

Her “whole-is-tic:” mind, body, spirit, and hormones integrated approach considers the unique needs of every patient. She combines her advanced medical training epigenetics and precision medicine with her passion for healthy living to help women realize their greatest potential.

Women are natural caregivers who often overlook their own needs to ensure the wellbeing of their partners, children, parents, and friends. As a wife and mother, Dr. LaReesa understands that mindset and is committed to helping women navigate their own busy lifestyles, prioritize their wellness, and implement real, life-changing solutions.

Specializing in women’s health, Dr. LaReesa restores estrogen and hormone balance by leveraging the power of DNA expression through comprehensive precision medicine programs.


Your Estrogen

Our bodies want to stay balanced, or rather, more in harmony. Understand estrogen imbalance.

Optimize You

Understand the demands of just being a woman. Realize constraints and demands of life.

Engage Dr. LaReesa

Hormone optimization is lifestyle optimization. Request Dr. LaReesa to speak at your next event.

It’s my passion to help women understand their health and wellness through the wide-angle lens of integrative “whole-istic” medicine. I’m a classically trained doctor who applies natural remedies to help your hormones work in harmony. Don’t be exhausted by them! Let the world see your beauty, talents, and knowledge! ~ LaReesa Ferdinand, MD