To live a more fulfilled and productive life, or to harness your full power to thrive at your optimum by being more sharp, focused, and decisive, or to simply conquer your next breakthrough before your next breakdown, then the Signature Hormone Optimization Program (SHOP) is RIGHT for you!
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It’s my mission to help every woman live her best life. Together, we’ll redefine health and wellness as a whole-body connection of the mind and body, focusing on restored hormone balance and solutions that meet the needs of every lifestyle.

My Core Values: 

These core values are fundamental to my practice as a women’s health physician. I believe in: 

  • Happiness – a state of joy and delight 
  • Benevolence – the desire to do charitable good for others 
  • Faith – a confidence and trust in God and my purpose 
  • Passion – a strong enthusiasm and positive energy for women’s health and wellness 
  • Integrity – a soundness of moral character and honesty 
  • Authentic – a desire to be real, genuine and true to myself and others 
  • Gratitude – the quality of thankfulness 

Dr. LaReesa

I am LaReesa Ferdinand, MD – a wife, mother, daughter, and friend who happens to be a physician. In fact, I’m a trained OB/GYN (women’s health doctor).

As a skilled physician with over 10 years in private practice, I have delivered thousands of babies, performed numerous surgeries, and celebrated with women of all ages and backgrounds during life’s most exciting or upsetting milestones.

There are many challenges in today’s health care system, and sometimes there is limited time and opportunity to discover the root causes of the problems that women face today.

As the primary caretakers for our families, we deal with career-life balance, job changes, marriage obstacles, and parenthood. Many women are also part of the “sandwich generation” caring for aging parents.

I’m in my 40s and I get it! Over my years of practice, I’ve learned that the doctor/patient relationship is critical not only in helping women through life’s challenges, but also in treating their typical midlife health concerns like menstrual irregularities, fatigue, cognitive changes, menopause, and sexual dysfunction.

My approach to women’s health care is known as complementary medicine – a combination of traditional medicine and nutritional/metabolic medicine. I bridge the gap between traditional doctors and a wholistic approach to help women balance their hormones for optimal health and wellness.

Although we all share a common thread, each woman is unique. When treating my patients, I use all of the tools I have available to complement each other and design the “best fit” health care plan.

The Estrogen Doctor

Quite simply, I help restore estrogen balance. Estrogen is a powerful hormone, and too much or too little causes imbalance. This imbalance can be a string of other hormones that play important roles (i.e. Progesterone, thyroid, cortisol, testosterone). Estrogen related medical conditions include:

  • Irregular periods
  • Fibroids
  • Pelvic pain
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • weight changes
  • Cognitive decline
  • Sexual dysfunction

It’s my goal to help women live with energy and vitality! Our amazing bodies are able to adapt to whatever life brings, and it’s my commitment to help women prioritize and implement real solutions that fit their lifestyles in an easy-to-understand personalized approach. I assist real women in making real choices, right now. 

4 Building blocks

In women’s health, there are 4 building blocks I like to address. Often overlooked, these fundamentals are sometimes right in front of us.



Detox reduces and eliminates toxic substances and activities. Detoxing helps overcome dependence on:

  • Cravings (such as sugar, coffee, cell phones, etc.)
  • Everyday items and habits
  • Unhealthy elements like alcohol and drugs



Learn how to detour from the table and take another path to the same destination. Nutrition is important to good health — and so is learning to recognize whether diet fads are truly the best fit for your body type and lifestyle.



Organize and prioritize to discover what’s really important. Clear out your life so there is more time and space for relaxation!



Stress is a burden that produces a strain and a response (such as fear or pain) that interferes with your life’s balance. Did you know that the very thing that is stressing you out could be something or someone you love?

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