Meet Dr. LaReesa

I help women improve hormone balance so they can live more productive, powerful, and performance-driven lives.

Who am I and what am I all about?

I’m Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand, a board certified OB/GYN physician and integrative women health specialist who has been in private practice for over 10 years.


Like many of you, I’m a woman on a daily mission to take care of my family and work, often leaving my own self-care as collateral on the roadside. I have put so much time and effort into advancing my career and just navigating what we call life. And to pursue my passions and be more intentional and productive, I’ve had to reframe my idea of what’s really important.



Because time doesn’t stop — and at the end of the day, we all just want to live with more harmony and balance. Sometimes that just takes plain physical and mental stamina.


My personal wake up call came when I was in my 30’s. I was having a baby, working incredibly hard, and watching the educational debt slowly chip away. The weight roller coaster was not a fun ride, and my attempt at maintaining my so-called work/life balance only added more stress. I was mentally fighting that subconscious battle of the mind of living in a male-dominated world, and I sometimes just felt inadequate.


I wanted to create a health plan that was more individualized, and advanced that not only helped me reach better results, it eliminated the guesswork, but it maximized my performance and productivity with better efficiency of my time.


Thus, epigenetics and precision health!

Let’s be real, ladies.


We can be confident one minute and then question our abilities in the next. And let’s not even get started talking about fatigue. Stress, self-doubt, and depression often walk hand-in-hand with weight gain, illness, and fatigue.


As women, we need to think of what I just described as the “whole-is-tic” process: mind, body, spirit, and hormones, which are all connected in everything we do.


As a physician, it’s my goal to help you discover that connection and make it whole again. Our bodies are amazing and adaptable, and I’m dedicated to helping you prioritize your hectic lifestyle and implement changes that will make a difference in how you feel and how you live. Right now.


If you are motivated and ready to get to the root of your hormone problems and restore your peace of mind and body, then let’s converse today.

My Core Beliefs

I believe in several core values that direct my daily practice as a women’s health physician. These fundamental beliefs include HAPPINESS, BENEVOLENCE, FAITH, PASSION, INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICITY, and GRATITUDE. I want my patients to know that I am anchored in joy and a confidence and trust in God and my purpose:


  • I desire to share my strong enthusiasm and positive energy for women’s health
  • I believe in a soundness of moral character and honesty
  • I desire to be true to myself and others; and I believe in showing gratitude.


So, that’s me. Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand, wife, mother, daughter, and physician. We each are unique and have a different role in life, but we all have a common thread too. Together we are stronger.


Desire to learn more? Then let’s have a conversation, or visit the ‘Optimize Your Health‘ page to learn about my Future Female Power Reset Program.