Optimize Your Health

Optimize You

In this game of mental hopscotch that we call life, the world around us and the school of hard knocks often deliver the hardest lessons. Through my years of experience as a women’s health physician, I’ve come to understand that sometimes the simplest act is often the most effective. I’m well-trained, skilled and knowledgeable in my field, but I’ve also learned that listening and relating to my patients is often the best tool in my bag.


Like understanding the demands of just being a woman. Realizing the time constraints and demands of life.


This cannot be achieved in a 20-minute annual visit with your clinician, nor Dr Google, what my momma told me, or this worked for my BFF. True human health and potential is moving from “disease model” to understanding that optimal health and function can be achieved through precision medicine. A more individualized approach that personalizes and leverages DNA to achieve peak performance of mind, body, spirit, and hormones.


Thus I have developed the Future Female Reset Program.


Who is this for?


Women 35 and up who want to give up cookie cutter solutions and desire a more individualized approach to optimize their health through perimenopause and beyond.

Women 35 and up planning to conceive within the next 6 months who want to maximize their hormone systems to have a healthier body and baby!

Future Female Power Reset Program


  • Provides an in-depth Performance genomic report with interpretation and comprehensive analysis that includes targeted areas to optimize brain health, nutrition, sleep, hormonal detox pathways, supplementation and athletic performance.
  • Collective community of like-minded high achieving women who desire to sustain and become more powerful through their health journey through perimenopause and beyond.
  • Engages in an individualized approach with direct consultation and guidance with Dr LaReesa.
  • Delivers a Composite health and lifestyle review of your Metabolic hormone profile to evaluate hormone imbalance and influence on DNA expression.
  • Supportive team network with a Nutrition & Lifestyle coach to guide with nutritional support and planning.
  • Option of Biometric wearable technology cutting-edge tools used to track, monitor, and leverage immediate feedback of daily lifestyle activity and menstrual tracking.

I am all about meeting women where they are and helping to navigate the challenging parts meeting their goals and achieving optimal hormonal health and wellness. 


If you know your target and not sure if committing to the program is right for you, schedule a discovery call today.